About us


Peter Taylor started selling old books on a part-time basis in 1973, specialising in books on natural history, and especially botany and gardening.  This was a natural extension of his professional life working in horticulture.  The other strong interest at that time was local history.


The business has grown from small beginnings into a full-time occupation.  With the growing interest in the environment in the nineteen-eighties it got increasingly difficult to acquire specialist stock so the decision was made to build the history book stock to what it is now.


The majority of volumes in our stock are on the history of the British Isles of  the medieval and early modern periods but we also have books on earlier and later history as well as archaeology.  We also hold a good stock of books on the history of continental Europe, especially of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and up to the Napoleonic period.


We interpret history rather widely to include the culture, architecture, art and literature from the ancients to the early modern period.


We now serve academic staff, and the libraries, at the majority of British universities, as well as customers on all continents with the exception of Antarctica.


Our customers include many authors, leading public figures, academics, independent historians, and others who love history.  Some of these will be known to you from appearances on television history programmes such as the very popular Time Team.